Local Information


ISSAC 2013 will take place on the Northeastern University campus in Boston.
The campus MAP (2MB) shows the buildings which have been numbered. An ISSAC customized HIGHLIGHTED MAP (~1MB) is also available. A low-bandwidth map is available at the NEU website.

  • The tutorials on Wednesday June 26 will be held in Shillman Hall room 220 (building 30 on the map).
    Registration will take place in the hallway outside room 220.
  • The opening reception on June 26 will be held at the International Village (building 77).
  • The main conference on Thursday June 27th to Saturday June 29th will be held in in two separate buildings West Village F (building 23 F) room 20 and Shillman Hall (building 30) room 220. Registration, coffee, and the poster sessions will be held in the foyer outside West Village F room 20.
  • The conference banquet will be held in the Curry Student Center (building 50)

Local Restaurant Information

A google map marked with restaurants near NEU.


Getting to Boston

  • Air travel to Logan International Airport.
  • Frequent buses and trains are available from New York City (travel time: about 5 hours; Amtrak (train) or any of several bus companies)
  • Frequent buses are available from Montreal (Greyhound Bus Lines: travel time: about 7 hours)

Transportation within Boston

From Logan International Airport to Northeastern University

  • Taxis are available at the exits of each airport terminal. The approximate price for a taxi ride from the airport to Northeastern University is $35, and the duration is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Public transportation: http://goo.gl/maps/L8eIM (approximately 50 minutes between the Airport and Northeastern University) The Boston subway system is the MBTA (Mass. Boston Transit Authority), usually know by locals as the "T". The terms "train" and "subway" are used interchangeably when referring to the "T".
    • take the Mass Port Shuttle bus from the Airport terminal to the Airport "T" station. (There are Mass Port Shuttle bus stops very close to the exit of each Airport terminal. The Mass Port Shuttle Bus ride is free of charge to the Airport "T" station. The ride to the Airport "T" station can take between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on the airport terminal where you are boarding the bus.)
    • enter the Airport "T" station (which is on the Blue Line) and purchase a Charlie Ticket ($2.50 per ride) from an automatic vending machine inside the station. Take the subway towards the Government Center Station.
    • disembark the train at the Government Center Station, and go up a single flight of stairs to the Green Line Inbound platform. This transfer is free of charge. (At any point, make sure not to be exiting the station, because re-entering will require the purchase of another Charlie Ticket.) On the Green Line Inbound platform, wait for the "E" train to arrive (the platform is shared between the "B", "C", "D", and "E" trains).
    • board the "E" train towards the Northeastern University station.
    • disembark the train at the Northeastern University station, and walk for approximately 6 minutes to either Shillman Hall or West Village F building.
    Alternatives to per-ride Charlie Tickets:
    • Charlie Cards can be obtained free of charge from some "T" stations. The Charlie Card posessor needs to add funds to the Charlie Card by using the automatic vending machines available at most "T" stations (usually both credit cards and cash are accepted). Using a Charlie Card, the per-ride fare is $2.00, compared to the $2.50 per-ride fare when using a Charlie Ticket. More information can be found at: http://www.mbta.com/fares_and_passes/charlie/
    • Weekly "T" Passes are available for $18 from automatic vending machines in some "T" stations (more information at http://www.mbta.com/fares_and_passes/passes/)


There are many hotels of varying quality throughout Boston. The hotels in the list below are within walking distance (within 2km) of the Northeastern campus.

At this time, the reservation deadline for all ISSAC affiliated hotels has passed. You need to make your own reservation directly with a Hotel of your choice and look after payment yourself.

If you choose to stay in a Hotel, you must make your reservation with the Hotel directly and you will look after payment yourself. All Hotel room rates quoted below do not include the Hotel sales tax which is 14.45% in Boston. This will be added to your bill.

On-Campus rooms (are no longer available)

Dorm rooms are provided by NEU at a standard rate of $85/night. The first 30 students to register will get a subsidized rate of $50/night for the three main nights of ISSAC (June 26, 27, 28).

The rooms offer a single, private bedroom, and a shared bathroom. The rooms are individually air conditioned, grant free WiFi, have access to laundry facilities and access to exercise machines. Please note that the rooms are not equipped with:

  • Alarm clocks
  • Additional towels (only provide one)
  • Toiletries and kitchenware
You may choose to bring these items if needed.

Hotels affiliated with ISSAC (all reservation deadlines have passed)

Rooms have been booked at a discount price for ISSAC attendees if reserved by the cutoff date set by each Hotel. Please indicate ISSAC 2013 during reservation. Also note that hotels in Boston are subject to a 14.45% tax rate. This will be added to the prices quoted below.

  • The Midtown Hotel
    220 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115
    Phone: 617-262-1000

    The Cut-Off Date for reservations is: May 26, 2013. As of May 26th, the Midtown Hotel is fully booked.

    25 Rooms (including single/double/quad)

    Distance from Northeastern University: 0.5 miles
    (Google Maps: from hotel to Shillman Hall)
    (Google Maps: from hotel to WVF - West Village F building)

    Rate: Per night: $139.00 single/double, $149.00 triple, $159.00 quad. Rate is available for the nights of June 25 through June 30.

    Block Name: ACM ISSAC Conference
    Block Code: NORTHEAST_037

    Guest can call The Midtown Hotel directly at 617-262-1000, or 800-343-1177, speak to the hotel's Reservations Department and ask for a reservation into the block by identifying the block name. Alternatively, guests can log on to the hotel's website at www.midtownhotel.com click on the Reservations link at the top of the page, and type in the block code NORTHEAST_037 (in the Group code field).

    Cancellations: Must be made by 3:00pm 24 hours prior to arrival to avoid a first night room and tax penalty.

    Parking: On site garage parking is available for a daily fee, currently priced at $22.00/day.

    Wi-Fi: Not included in price, but can be purchased.

  • Howard Johnson Fenway
    1271 Boylston St
    Boston, MA 02215
    Phone: 617-267-8300

    The Hotel is accepting reservations at the discounted rate until Monday June 3, 2013

    20 Rooms

    Distance from Northeastern University: 0.8 miles walk
    (Google Maps: from hotel to Shillman Hall)
    (Google Maps: from hotel to WVF - West Village F building)

    Rate: $145/night. Rate is available for the nights of June 24 through July 1st.

    Reservations: Reservations are made individually by the participants by calling the hotel phone number (617-267-8300 or 1-800-964-1749) and mentioning booking a room from the block for the ISSAC CONFERENCE. Each guest must provide valid personal credit card info at the time of reservation and time of check-in.

    Cancellation: Please check with the hotel for the cancellation policy.

    Policies: There is a $20 parking fee per car per night. $40 per bus. THERE IS A $150 FEE FOR SMOKING IN A ROOM ALL GUEST MUST HAVE A VALID CREDIT CARD AT TIME OF CHECK IN, EVEN IF PAYING CASH.

    Wi-Fi: free

  • Hampton Inn & Suites - Crosstown Center
    811 Massachusetts Ave
    Boston, MA 02118
    Phone: (617) 445-6400

    The Cut-Off Date for reservations is: May 26, 2013

    20 King Rooms

    Distance from Northeastern University: 1.2 miles walk
    (Google Maps: from hotel to Shillman Hall)
    (Google Maps: from hotel to WVF - West Village F building)
    Public transportation (Google Maps)

    Rate: $185/night. Rate is available for the nights of June 25 through June 29.


    Policies and cancellation: Cancellations are accepted up to 6pm on the day of arrival.

    Additional options:

    • Rollaway Beds $10.00 per night.
    • Overnight Parking $25.00 per night per vehicle.
    • Baggage Fee - $4.00 per person round trip.

    Indoor heated pool access and fitness center access included in room price. The following services are included in room price, conditional on filling 90% of the rooms from the ISSAC/ACM room block: Complimentary Full Breakfast buffet daily from 6am to 10am, shuttle service to and from Logan Airport, and Wi-Fi.

  • Hilton Back Bay
    40 Dalton St
    Boston, MA, 02115
    Phone: 617-236-1100

    The Cut-Off Date is: May 29, 2013

    10 Rooms (single or double)

    Distance from Northeastern University: 0.8 miles walk
    Walking directions to NEU: from hotel to Shillman Hall
    from hotel to WVF - West Village F building
    Public transportation to NEU: from hotel to Shillman Hall
    from hotel to WVF - West Village F building

    Rate: $259/night. Rate is available for the nights of June 25 through June 29.

    Reservations: Reservations will be made by individuals calling the Hotel directly at 1-800-HILTONS OR 1-800-874-0663. Caller needs to mention the code ACM at the time the reservation is made in order to receive the group rate with guestroom wireless internet included. The group name is ACM. The name for the room block is ISSAC.
    By Reservation Web Page for ISSAC participants:

    Individual Room Cancellation: If necessary, rooms may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance of arrival (ie. by 6pm the day before arrival). Rooms cancelled after this time are subject to a cancellation charge of one night’s room & tax.

    Wi-Fi: included in room price. There is complimentary high-speed internet access in all public areas, as well as Hotel lobby and Starbucks internet café and business center.

    Parking: Self parking is available onsite at $41 per night.

  • The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers
    50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    Phone: (617) 426-2000

    The Cut-Off Date is: May 26, 2013

    15 Standard Rooms (single or double)

    Distance from Northeastern University: 1.5 miles walk
    (Google Maps: from hotel to Shillman Hall)
    (Google Maps: from hotel to WVF - West Village F building)
    Public transportation (Google Maps)

    Rate: $269/night. Rate is available for the nights of June 25 through June 29.

    Reservations: In order to receive the ISSAC rates, guests must identify their affiliation with the ISSAC conference. Rates cannot be changed at check-in or check-out. To make a reservation or inquire about availability, please dial the hotel's Reservations Department at (800) 225-2008 and ask for a room from the ISSAC room block. Reservations can also be made online by follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the link: https://bostonparkplaza.reztrip.com/rt/ext/promoRate?property=100&mode=b&pm=true&sr=24713
    2. Under Code, please type in ISSAC
    3. Then put in your check-in date, check-out date, and number of nights
    4. Press the search button, and let the system check the availability
    5. Select the room type that you want and fill out the appropriate information to book your reservation!

    Policies and cancellation: Guests are required to cancel their reservation at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Failure to do so will be subject to a cancellation fee of one night's room and tax. The hotel's early departure policy requires the guest to confirm their departure date upon arrival/check-in. If they depart earlier than the departure date confirmed on the day they arrived, then they will be subjected to an early departure fee of one night's room and tax.

    Other options:

    • Rollaway beds subject to an additional $25.00 fee per evening.
    • The hotel charges a flat fee for guest room deliveries based on the following:
      • Deliveries placed inside the guest room: $2.50 per guest room
      • Deliveries placed on outside of door (door hangers): $1.50 per guest room
    All arrangements must be made through your hotel contact in advance for proper scheduling. Extensive set ups for rooms may result in additional fees.

    Wi-Fi: Free for guests staying in the ISSAC room block.

Some Affordable Housing Options (not affiliated with ISSAC)

Northeastern University Parking Information

For visitors, Northeastern University has two parking garages on-campus (these are open to the public, not only to conferences attendees):

  • Renaissance Park Garage(by Ruggles T Station)
    835 Columbus Ave
    Boston, MA 02115
    The fees are: $8 up to 1h, $10 1-3 hours, $18 3-8 hours, $20 8-12 hours, $28 12-24 hours
  • Gainsborough Garage(by Matthews Arena)
    10 Gainsborough Street
    Boston, MA 02115
    The fees are: $5 up to 1h, $8 1-3 hours, $15 3-8 hours, $18 8-12 hours, $25 12-24 hours

Payment is due upon leaving the parking garage, according to parking duration.

Discounted parking coiupons are available for the Renaissance and Gainsborough garages. The Renaisssance garage is larger, and hence recommended:

  1. Park in the Renaissance Parking Garage (#62 on campus map, next to Ruggles "T" subway/commuter station) http://www.northeastern.edu/campusmap/map/index.html
  2. Keep the parking ticket. You can leave the car in the garage until Saturday (end of ISSAC), or earlier. You will pay when you take the car out of the garage.
  3. At the ISSAC conference, ask for discounted on-campus parking coupons at the registration desk or from a local organizer. You can pay $10 for each 24-hour peirod (e.g. $40 for 4 days), and someone among the local organizers will buy a parking coupon for you. (Only faculty/students/staff can buy the coupons. You will go with a local person to buy the tickets at 354 Richards Hall (Student Financial Services window) http://www.northeastern.edu/parking/guestparking/index.html)
  4. On leaving the Renaissance Parking garage, give the attendant the parking coupons in lieu of payment (one coupon for each day (24 hours) that your car was in the garage).

There are many other non-affiliated parking garages within walking distance of Northeastern University.