List of accepted posters

  1. Andrew Arnold, Mark Giesbrecht, and Daniel Roche
    Recursive sparse interpolation
  2. James Belk, Nabil Hossain, Francesco Matucci and Robert W. McGrail
    Implementation of a Solution to the Conjugacy Problem in Thompson's Group F
  3. Van Chien Bui, Gérard H. E. Duchamp, and Vincel Hoang Ngoc Minh
    Schützenberger's factorization on q-stuffle Hopf algebra
  4. Jingwei Chen, Yong Feng, and Wenyuan Wu
    Incremental PSLQ with Application to Algebraic Number Reconstruction
  5. Pascal Giorgi and Romain Lebreton
    Relaxing Order Basis Computation
  6. Gavin Harrison, Jeremy Johnson and B. David Saunders
    Probabilistic Analysis of Wiedemann’s Algorithm for Minimal Polynomial Computation
  7. Jiaxiong Hu and Michael Monagan
    A Parallel Algorithm to Compute the Greatest Common Divisor of Sparse Multivariate Polynomials
  8. Jeremy Johnson and Lingchuan Meng
    Towards Parallel General-Size Library Generation for Polynomial Multiplication
  9. Muhammad Taimoor Khan and Wolfgang Schreiner
    A Verification Framework for MiniMaple Programs
  10. Takaaki Masui and Kosaku Nagasaka
    Revisiting QRGCD and Comparison with ExQRGCD
  11. Johannes Middeke
    Annihilating monomials with the integro-differential Weyl algebra
  12. Éric Schost and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer
    Newton-like Iteration for Determinantal Systems and Structured Low-Rank Approximation
  13. Sidi Mohamed Sedjelmaci
    Fast Parallel GCD algorithm of many integers.
  14. Akira Terui
    Calculating Approximate GCD of Multiple Univariate Polynomials using Approximate Syzygies
  15. Bastien Vialla
    Block Wiedemann algorithm on multicore architectures
  16. James Wan
    Hypergeometric generating functions and series for 1
  17. Thomas Wolf
    A Linear Sparse Systems Solver (LSSS) applied to the Classification of Integrable non-abelian Laurent ODEs
  18. Xiangui Zhao
    Gelfand-Kirillov dimensions of differential difference modules via Groebner bases