ISSAC 2014 Awards

The following awards are sponsored by ACM/SIGSAM, Maplesoft and Wolfram Research Inc.

Distinguished Paper Award

François Le Gall
Powers of Tensors and Fast Matrix Multiplication

Distinguished Student Author Award

Carlos E. Arreche
Computing the differential Galois group of a parameterized second-order linear differential equation
Shiyun Yang
Linear Independence Oracles and Applications to Rectangular and Low Rank Linear Systems (with Arne Storjohann)

Distinguished Poster Award

José Gómez-Torrecillas, F. J. Lobillo and Gabriel Navarro
Separable algebras and Convolutional Codes
Shaoshi Chen, Hui Huang and Ziming Li
Improved Abramov-Petkovšek's Reduction and Creative Telescoping for Hypergeometric Terms

Distinguished Software Presentation Award

Joris van der Hoeven and Grégoire Lecerf
Sparse polynomial interpolation in practice