List of Accepted Posters

  1. Mark van Hoeij and Erdal Imamoglu.
    2F1-type Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations
  2. Jose Gomez-Torrecillas, F. J. Lobillo and Gabriel Navarro.
    Generating idempotents in ideal codes
  3. Zongyan Huang, Matthew England, David Wilson, James H. Davenport and Lawrence Paulson.
    A comparison of three heuristics to choose the variable ordering for cylindrical algebraic decomposition
  4. Matthew Niemerg, Daniel Bates and Andrew Newell.
    Decoupling Highly Structured Polynomial Systems
  5. Arne Storjohann and Shiyun Yang.
    A relaxed algorithm for online matrix inversion
  6. Eugene Zima.
    Direct indefinite summation
  7. Tateaki Sasaki, Daiju Inaba and Fujio Kako.
    Solving Parametric Sparse Linear Systems by Local Blocking
  8. Takayuki Hibi, Kenta Nishiyama and Nobuki Takayama.
    Computing Bases of Twisted Cohomology Groups for Sparse Polynomials
  9. Yasuhito Kawano and Hiroshi Sekigawa.
    Quantum Fourier Transform over Symmetric Groups --- Improved Result
  10. Brice Boyer and Jean-Guillaume Dumas.
    Matrix multiplication over word-size prime fields using Bini's approximate formula
  11. Brice Boyer and Erich Kaltofen.
    Numerical Linear System Solving With Parametric Entries By Error Correction
  12. Shaoshi Chen, Hui Huang and Ziming Li.
    Improved Abramov-Petkovsek's Reduction and Creative Telescoping for Hypergeometric Terms
  13. Tatsuyoshi Hamada.
    MathLibre: personalizable computer environment for mathematical research
  14. Hiroshi Kai and Keita Ueda.
    Fake shares detection on a visual secret sharing scheme by rational interpolation
  15. Robert Corless, Marc Moreno Maza and Steven Thornton.
    Zigzag Form over Families of Parametric Matrices
  16. Johannes Middeke and David Jeffrey.
    Fraction-Free Factoring Revisited
  17. Hiroshi Murakami.
    Calculation of rational numbers in an interval whose denominator is the smallest by using FP interval arithmetic
  18. Andrew Arnold and Éric Schost.
    A Truncated Fourier Transform middle product