Authors instructions for Virtual ISSAC 2020

According to the current plan for ISSAC presentations, the authors are asked to create and post slides and a recorded video of the presentation online ten (10) days before the conference namely by July 10 th, 2020. You will also be given approximately 5 minutes during a Q&A session, realized as a Zoom webinar, to introduce yourself, your work, and to answer questions (with the assumption that the audience has watched your video and looked at your slides beforehand).

If you need more time to present and discuss your work, you can host your own session in Zoom (or in any other platform) starting at 18h00 EET on the day you are scheduled to present your work. If you decide to host such a session, please include the link to it at the last page of your slides.

Notice that posting the file of your talk is mandatory. Choosing the PDF format is a safe choice because the PDF format is very portable. Choosing more elaborate formats is authorized if this enhances the viewer's experience, but only if the chosen format is portable. Posting a pre-recorded video of your talk is optional but strongly encouraged.

How to record your video presentation

It is recommended to design a recording where there is a main screen presenting a presentation while video of the presenter is visible in a smaller sub-screen (also known as picture in picture format). There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. You can use any meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file should be in the MP4 format.

Technical details:

Hints and Tips:

Recording Options

Below you can find some directions and links to instructions on recording your talk on some common platforms:

1. Zoom


2. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is good option for presenters who only have audio recording capabilities and/or are looking to incorporate more dynamic details in to their presentation.

Resources: Create Voice Over PowerPoint tutorial 1 and tutorial 2, and convert to MP4.

3. WebEx

Video Conferencing - Record a Cisco Webex Meeting.

4. Google Meet

Record a video meeting - Meet Help.

5. GoToMeeting

How to Record a GoToMeeting Session | Techwalla p and How to Convert and Open the GoToMeeting Recordings.

6. Microsoft Teams

Record a meeting in Teams - Office Support.

Uploading your recorded video/slides

Upload your video and/or slides to a file sharing service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc, and send the link to issac2020 AT and to mailto:ckonaxis AT . Your files should allow downloading and they will be posted at the ISSAC conference webpage (slides) and at the One Drive cloud storage of ISSAC 2020 (videos, for 1 year, private link).