Sponsored by:

Association for Computing Machinery - SIGSAM
The Arctic University of Norway
the Lie-Størmer Center
the Tromsø Research Foundation
the Trond Mohn foundation
the Norwegian Research council

Local information


The conference will take place at Scandic Ishavshotel which is located in the center of Tromsø (see here for google map). Participation at the conference includes a lunch buffet in the hotel as well as coffee breaks. Remember that Tromsø is above the polar circle on the sea, and the weather in Tromsø in July can vary from sunny summerly, to rainy and stormy, and the temperatures vary between 9° C to 29° C. Therefore, we encourage you to check the forecast before you pack your luggage. We also advise you to have good/waterproof shoes, in particular, for those who want to hike a bit on the mountains. Also note that the sun will not set before the end of the conference, and you will be able to see the midnight sun if the clouds are not hindering the view (click here for a beautiful video showing the phenomena of no sunset in Tromsø).


Most of the hotels in Tromsø are not far away from the conference venue. If you would like to stay in the conference hotel Scandic Ishavshotel you can receive a special ISSAC 2023 discount (1430 NOK per night) by using the booking code BUNI230723 in order to receive the discount the room has to be booked until June 4th, and be cancelled until July 2nd 2023.

Public transport

Buses are probably the most convenient way for you to move during the week. We recommend to download the following two apps:

From the airport to the city center

It is very likely that you will arrive to Tromsø by plane. (Note that when you arrive from an international flight to Tromsø, you might arrive at the temporary terminal C from where you have a Shuttle to the "real" airport). Once you manage to get out of the airport, the taxis and the hotel bus are close outside the building. However, it will be much cheaper for you to take the local bus, across the street after the parking (approximately 50 meters away from the exit of the airport, see plan). Then you can take any bus (40 or 42) as long as you can read “sentrum” included in the direction. If your hotel is in the city center, then the closest stops should be Wito (bus 40) or Killengreens gate (bus 42). The travel should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Stuff to do

Aside from the scientific content of the conference, Tromsø has many interesting things to offer, both culturally and with a beautiful nature to explore. For example, just before the conference (July 20-22) an open air music festival will be held on the southern part of the island (see here for details). You can find out more about Tromsø in the summer.