Poster Presentations

List of Accepted Poster Presentations

  1. Erika Abraham, John Abbott, Bernd Becker, Anna M. Bigatti, Martin Brain, Bruno Buchberger, Alessandro Cimatti, James H. Davenport, Matthew England, Pascal Fontaine, Stephen Forrest, Alberto Griggio, Daniel Kroening, Werner M. Seiler and Thomas Sturm. Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation
  2. Parisa Alvandi and Marc Moreno Maza. Real Limit Points
  3. Richard Carter, Shahadat Hossain and Marzia Sultana. Efficient Detection of Hessian Matrix Sparsity Pattern
  4. Eunice Y. S. Chan and Robert M. Corless. Fibonacci-Mandelbrot Polynomials and Matrices
  5. Robert Corless and Steven Thornton. The Bohemian Eigenvalue Project
  6. Evans Doe Ocansey and Carsten Schneider. Representation of Hypergeometric Products in Difference Rings
  7. Wayne Eberly. Black Box Linear Algebra: Extending Wiedemann's Analysis of a Sparse Matrix Preconditioner for Computations over Small Fields
  8. Heike Fassbender, Javier Perez and Nikta Shayanfar. Constructing Symmetric Structure-Preserving Strong Linearizations
  9. Majid Gazor and Mahsa Kazemi. $Z_2$-equivariant Standard Bases for Submodules Associated with $Z_2$-Equivariant Singularities
  10. Gavin Harrison, Jeremy Johnson and B. David Saunders. Probabilistic Analysis of Block Wiedemann for Leading Invariant Factors
  11. Akiyuki Katayama and Kiyoshi Shirayanagi. A New Idea on the Interval-Symbol Method with Correct Zero Rewriting for Reducing Exact Computations
  12. SungSoon Kim and Dong-il Lee. Standard Monomials for Temperley-Lieb Algebras
  13. Marshall Law and Michael Monagan. Computing Characteristic Polynomials of Matrices of Structured Polynomials
  14. Johannes Middeke and Carsten Schneider. Denominator Bounds for Higher Order Systems of Linear Recurrence Equations
  15. Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce. Fermat Benchmarks for Rational Expressions in Maple
  16. Michael Monagan and Alan Wong. Fast Parallel Multi-Point Evaluation of Sparse Polynomials
  17. Kosaku Nagasaka. Seeking Better Algorithms for Approximate GCD
  18. Dai Numahata and Hiroshi Sekigawa. An Algorithm for Symbolic-Numeric Sparse Interpolation of Multivariate Polynomials Whose Degree Bounds are Unknown
  19. Leili Rafiee Sevyeri and Robert Corless. Linearization of A Specific Family of Bezout Matrices
  20. Omar Leon Sanchez. An Upper Bound for the Order of a Differential Algebraic Variety
  21. Tateaki Sasaki and Daiju Inaba. Enhancing the Extended Hensel Construction by Using Gröbner Base
  22. Sergey Slavyanov and Olga Stesik. Antiquantization of Deformed Heun Class Equations as a Tool for Symbolic Generation the Painlev¸«± Equations
  23. David Stoutemyer. AskConstants proposes Concise Non-Floats Close to Floats
  24. Fei Wang, Greg Reid and Henry Wolkowicz. Finding Maximum Rank Moment Matrices by Facial Reduction on Primal and Dual Forms
  25. Thomas Wolf and Chimaobi Amadi. Rational Solutions of Underdetermined Polynomial Equations Generating Number Puzzles