Poster Presentations

The Poster Presentation Chair is Ekaterina Shemyakova.
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List of Accepted Poster Presentations

  1. Gerard H. E. Duchamp, Hoang Ngoc Minh, Ngo Quoc Hoan. Harmonic sums and polylogarithms at negative multiple-indices.
  2. Dong-il Lee. Standard Monomials for the Weyl Group F4.
  3. A. A. Kytmanov, A. M. Kytmanov, E. K. Myshkina. On finding residue integrals for a class of systems of non-algebraic equations.
  4. Takuya Hirata, Ichijo Hodaka. A Symbolic Equation Modeler for Electric Circuits.
  5. Ryan McCleeary, Martin Brain, Aaron Stump. A Lazy Approach to Adaptive Exact Real Arithmetic using Floating-Point Operations.
  6. Luca De Feo, Christophe Petit, Michael Quisquater. Deterministic root finding in finite fields.
  7. Veronika Pillwein, Miriam Schussler An efficient procedure deciding positivity for a class of holonomic functions.
  8. Michael Monagan and Baris Tuncer Using Sparse Interpolation to Solve Multivariate Diophantine Equations.
  9. Waldemar Hebisch Integration in terms of exponential integrals and incomplete gamma functions.
  10. Massimo Caboara and Carla Mascia On the Hilbert quasi-polynomials of non-standard graded rings.
  11. Takanori Yasuda, Xavier Dahan, Yun-Ju Huang, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Kouichi Sakurai. A Multivariate Quadratic challenge toward post-quantum generation cryptography.
  12. Erich L. Kaltofen, Clement Pernet, Arne Storjohann, Cleveland A. Waddell. Linear System Solving With Parametric Entries By Error Correction and Cabay Termination.

Poster Presentation committee

George Labahn (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Elizabeth Mansfield (University of Kent, UK)
Manfred Minimair (Seton Hall University, USA)
Ekaterina Shemyakova (SUNY New Paltz, USA)
Yang Zhang (University of Manitoba, Canada)