Software Presentations

The Software Presentation Chair is Bernard Mourrain.
Click for the First and Second Calls for Software Presentations.

List of Accepted Software Presentations

  1. Achim Hornecker. CloudMath - mathematical collaboration within the cloud.
    Click for CloudMath website
  2. Bruno Grenet. Lacunaryx: Computing bounded-degree factors of lacunary polynomials.
  3. John Abbott and Anna Maria Bigatti. What is new in CoCoALib and CoCoA-5?
  4. Van Chien Bui, G.H.E. Duchamp and Hoang Ngoc Minh. Computation tool for algebra of q-deformed quasi-shuffle products and representations of structure of MZVs.
  5. Yue Ren. Computing tropical varieties over fields with valuation using classical standard basis techniques.
    Software available from the official Singular distribution.
  6. Jan Verschelde and Xiangcheng Yu. Polynomial Homotopy Continuation on GPUs.

Software Presentation committee

Francois Boulier (University of Lille, France)
Anton Leykin (Georgia Tech, USA)
Bernard Mourrain (Inria, Sophia Antipolis M¸«±diterran¸«±e, France)

Additional software demonstration

There was an additional software presentation by Mikus Vanags entitled Kat - The Language of Calculations . Slides