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Local information

Travel information

Conference location

The conference will take place at LILLIAD which is located on the Campus Cité Scientifique, Université de Lille. Please note that the Université de Lille is a fairly big University, split in several and very distant parts. Please make sure to go to the Campus Cité Scientifique part.

By Subway

The subway in Lille is quite simple. If you are at the Gare Lille Flandres station, take the Line 1 (the yellow line) towards 4 Cantons Grand Stade and leave at the Cité Scientifique–Professeur Gabillard station. Simply exit the station, turn to the left, follow the subway line, and you should quickly see the LILLIAD center in front of you.

You must buy the tickets at the vending machines. The transportation company for bus/subway is called Ilevia. You will need to buy a refillable ticket (for 20 cents). Vending machines are available at any subway station. A one way ticket is around 1.70 €, and once validated, a ticket is valid with all bus and subways during 1 hour. See here for details.

By Car

We suggest you to use a GPS with Cité scientifique, Université Lille. Please carefully check that your GPS is sending you to the Campus Cité Scientifique in the city Villeneuve d'Ascq, and not in another part of the university.

There is a large parking at the 4 Cantons Grand Stade subway station. If you stay at the Ascotel, they have a private parking. If you stay in Lille downtown, we suggest you to ask your hotel for information about parking your car in Lille (parking in Lille is not free).

By Train

You will most likely arrive at either Gare Lille Europe or Gare Lille Flandres which are the two railway stations. If you arrive at Gare Lille Europe, first take the subway line 2 (the red line) towards St Philibert, and leave at the Gare Lille Flandres station. From there, follow the instructions above concerning the subway.

By Plane

From the Charles de Gaulle airport (north of Paris), just take a train to Gare Lille Flandres or Gare Lille Europe (50 minutes).

From the Brussels airport, take a train to Gare Lille Flandres or Gare Lille Europe (40 minutes).

If you are travelling from Europe or from Algeria or Tunisia, a few flights land at the Lille Airport. From there, take the shuttle or a taxi.

Lunches during the conference

The lunches on Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th are included in the fees and will take place at the "Restaurant Universitaire Sully". The lunch on Wednesday 6th will take place at Lilliad.

Please visit the private ISSAC webpage for detailed instructions for the lunches at the "Restaurant Universitaire Sully".

Here is a wider view of the campus:


The banquet will take place at the "Restaurant L'Omnia" in Lille Downtown at 7.30PM at the following address 9 rue Esquermoise, Lille. The nearest subway station is "Rihour" on the yellow (=number 1) line. The restaurant is very close to the "Grand'Place" (the main square):


Two important local events may impact the accommodation during the period of ISSAC. The first one is a concert (by the French band Indochine) on Sunday evening, July 3rd around the conference location. The second one is the "Tour de France" (a French national multi-day cycling stage race) which will start from the city of Lille on Wednesday morning, July 6th. For these reasons, hotels in the Lille area are likely to be booked at higher levels than usual on Sunday evening, July 3rd, and even more on Tuesday evening, July 5th. Therefore, we strongly recommend those planning to attend ISSAC to arrange their accommodation as soon as possible. Recall that most bookings can be canceled with no charges.

You can either stay on Campus or in Lille downtown. Lille Downtown is fairly close by subway (15 minutes ride), so we rather suggest you to find an hotel in downtown. However, if you prefer to stay near the conference location, a few hotels are available.

Hotels around the campus

Hotels in downtown

The Lille downtown provides a fair amount of quality hotels. The Lille downtown is only 15 minutes away by subway from the conference location. We strongly suggest to book a hotel near one of the three following subway stations: Gare Lille-Flandres, Rihour or République Beaux-Arts.

Here is a short selection:

You can find other hotels here (click on book online), or here.