List of accepted papers

  1. Andrew Arnold
    A new Truncated Fourier Transform algorithm
  2. Eric Bach and Jonathan Sorenson
    Approximately Counting Semismooth Integers
  3. Romain Basson, Reynald Lercier, Christophe Ritzenthaler and Jeroen Sijsling
    An explicit expression of the Luroth invariant
  4. Valérie Berthé, Jean Creusefond, Loick Lhote and Brigitte Vallée
    Multiple GCD's. Probabilistic analysis of the plain algorithm
  5. Mariya Bessonov, Alexey Ovchinnikov and Maxwell Shapiro
    Integrability conditions for parameterized linear difference equations
  6. Anton Betten
    Rainbow Cliques and the Classification of Small BLT-Sets
  7. Jingguo Bi, Qi Cheng and J. Maurice Rojas
    Sub-Linear Root Detection, and New Hardness Results, for Sparse Polynomials Over Finite Fields
  8. Mark Boady, Pavel Grinfeld and Jeremy Johnson
    A Term Rewriting System for the Calculus of Moving Surfaces
  9. Alin Bostan, Shaoshi Chen, Frédéric Chyzak, Ziming Li and Guoce Xin
    Hermite Reduction and Creative Telescoping for Hyperexponential Functions
  10. Alin Bostan, Frédéric Chyzak and Élie de Panafieu
    Complexity Estimates for Two Uncoupling Algorithms
  11. Alin Bostan, Pierre Lairez and Bruno Salvy
    Creative telescoping for rational functions using the Griffiths–Dwork method
  12. Francois Boulier, François Lemaire, Georg Regensburger and Markus Rosenkranz
    On the Integration of Differential Fractions
  13. Yacine Bouzidi, Sylvain Lazard, Marc Pouget and Fabrice Rouillier
    Rational Univariate Representations of bivariate systems and applications
  14. Yacine Bouzidi, Sylvain Lazard, Marc Pouget and Fabrice Rouillier
    Separating linear forms for bivariate systems
  15. Russell Bradford, James Davenport, Matthew England, Scott McCallum and David Wilson
    Cylindrical Algebraic Decompositions for Boolean Combinations
  16. Christopher Brown
    Constructing a Single Open Cell in a Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
  17. Arkadev Chattopadhyay, Bruno Grenet, Pascal Koiran, Natacha Portier and Yann Strozecki
    Factoring bivariate lacunary polynomials without heights
  18. Jingwei Chen, Damien Stehle, Gilles Villard
    A New View on HJLS and PSLQ: Sums and Projections of Lattices
  19. Shaoshi Chen, Maximilian Jaroschek, Manuel Kauers and Michael F. Singer
    Desingularization Explains Order-Degree Curves for Ore Operators
  20. Luca De Feo, Éric Schost and Javad Doliskani
    Fast algorithms for l-adic towers over finite fields
  21. Alicia Dickenstein, Ioannis Emiris and Vissarion Fisikopoulos
    Combinatorics of 4-dimensional Resultant Polytopes
  22. Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Clément Pernet and Ziad Sultan
    Simultaneous computation of the row and column rank profiles
  23. Jean-Charles Faugère, Mohab Safey El Din and Thibaut Verron
    On the complexity of computing Gröbner bases for quasi-homogeneous systems
  24. Qingdong Guo, Mohab Safey El Din and Lihong Zhi
    Computing rational solutions of linear matrix inequalities
  25. Joris van der Hoeven, Romain Lebreton, Éric Schost
    Structured FFT and TFT: symmetric and lattice polynomials
  26. Joris van der Hoeven and Gregoire Lecerf
    Interfacing Mathemagix with C++
  27. Alexander Hulpke
    Calculation of the Subgroups of a Trivial-Fitting Group
  28. Fredrik Johansson, Manuel Kauers and Marc Mezzarobba
    Finding Hyperexponential Solutions of Linear ODEs by Numerical Evaluation
  29. Erich Kaltofen and Zhengfeng Yang
    Sparse multivariate function recovery from values with noise and outlier errors
  30. Yasuhito Kawano and Hiroshi Sekigawa
    Quantum Fourier Transform over Symmetric Groups
  31. Vijay Kunwar and Mark van Hoeij
    Second Order Differential Equations with Hypergeometric Solutions of Degree Three
  32. Laureano Lambán, Francisco-Jesus Martin-Mateos, Julio Rubio and Jose-Luis Ruiz-Reina
    Certified symbolic manipulation: bivariate simplicial polynomials
  33. Romain Lebreton, Esmaeil Mehrabi and Éric Schost
    On the complexity of solving bivariate systems: the case of non-singular solutions
  34. Viktor Levandovskyy, Benjamin Schnitzler and Grischa Studzinski
    Enhanced computations of Groebner bases in free algebras as a new application of the letterplace paradigm
  35. Alexander Levin
    Multivariate Difference-Differential Dimension Polynomials and New Invariants of Difference-Differential Field Extensions
  36. Wei Li, Chun-Ming Yuan and Xiao-Shan Gao
    Sparse Difference Resultant
  37. Kurt Mehlhorn, Michael Sagraloff and Pengming Wang
    From Approximate Factorization to Root Isolation with Application to Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
  38. Senshan Pan, Yupu Hu and Baocang Wang
    The Termination of the F5 Algorithm Revisited
  39. Victor Y. Pan and Elias Tsigaridas
    On the Boolean complexity of real root refinement
  40. Colton Pauderis and Arne Storjohann
    Computing the invariant structure of integer matrices: fast algorithms into practice
  41. Veronika Pillwein
    Termination Conditions for Positivity Proving Procedures
  42. Clemens G. Raab
    Integration of unspecified functions and families of iterated integrals
  43. Bjarke Hammersholt Roune and Christian Eder
    Signature Rewriting in Gröbner Basis Computation
  44. Greg Reid and Wenyuan Wu
    Numerical determination of witness points on real solution components of polynomial and differential polynomial systems
  45. Jules Svartz and Jean-Charles Faugère
    Gröbner bases of ideals invariant under a commutative group : the non-modular case
  46. Zhengfeng Yang, Lihong Zhi and Yijun Zhu
    Verified Error Bounds for Real Solutions of Positive-dimensional Polynomial Systems
  47. Wei Zhou and George Labahn
    Computing Column Bases of Polynomial Matrices