List of accepted software demonstrations

  1. Anton Betten
    Classifying Discrete Objects with Orbiter
  2. Fredrik Johansson
    Arb: a C library for ball arithmetic
  3. Christoph Koutschan
    Holonomic Functions in Mathematica
  4. Tien-Yien Li, Zhonggang Zeng
    NAClab: A Matlab Toolbox for Numerical Algebraic Computation
  5. Erik Postma
    The new GroupTheory package in Maple 17

Industry sponsor software prentations

  1. J├╝rgen Gerhard, Director of Research, Maplesoft

    What's new in Maple 17?

    Abstract: We will present some of the new features in Maple 17, including performance enhancements, new GUI features, new library packages, and new Math Apps. Some of the highlights are improved memory management, a new polynomial data structure, a new group theory package, and videos in worksheets.